cry [krī]
cried, crying [ME crien < OFr crier < L quiritare, to wail, shriek (var. of quirritare, to squeal like a pig < * quis, echoic of a squeal); assoc. in ancient folk etym. with L Quirites, Roman citizens (as if meaning “to call the Quirites,” implore their help)]
1. to make a loud vocal sound or utterance; call out, as for help; shout
2. to sob and shed tears, in expressing sorrow, pain, grief, etc.; weep
a) to plead or clamor (for)
b) to show or suggest a great need (for) [problems crying for solution]
4. to utter its characteristic call: said of an animal
1. to plead or beg for [to cry quarter]
2. to utter loudly; shout; exclaim
3. to call out (wares for sale, services offered, etc.); announce publicly
4. to bring into a specified condition by crying [to cry oneself asleep]
pl. cries [ME & OFr cri < the v.]
1. a loud vocal sound expressing pain, anger, fright, joy, etc.
2. any loud utterance; shout
3. an announcement or advertisement called out publicly
4. an urgent appeal; plea
5. popular report; rumor; rallying call or battle cry; watchword
6. the current opinion or fashion
7. clamor of the people; public outcry
8. a slogan
9. a sobbing and shedding of tears; fit of weeping
10. the characteristic vocal sound of an animal
a) the baying of hounds in the chase
b) a pack of hounds
a far cry
1. a great distance; long way
2. a thing much different
cry down
to belittle; disparage
cry in one's beer
Informal to lament or complain in a maudlin manner
cry off
to withdraw from an agreement or undertaking
cry one's eyes out
to weep much and bitterly
cry out
1. to shout; yell
2. to complain loudly
cry up
to shout praise of; praise highly
in full cry
in eager pursuit: said of a pack of hounds
SYN.- CRY implies the expression of grief, sorrow, pain or distress by making mournful, convulsive sounds and shedding tears; WEEP more specifically stresses the shedding of tears; to SOB1 is to weep aloud with a catch in the voice and short, gasping breaths; WAIL implies the uttering of loud, prolonged, mournful cries in unsuppressed lamentation; KEEN2, specifically an Irish term, signifies a wailing in lamentation for the dead; to WHIMPER is to cry with subdued, whining, broken sounds, as a fretful or frightened child does; MOAN suggests the expression of sorrow or pain in a low, prolonged, mournful sound or sounds; BLUBBER2, a derisive term used chiefly of children, implies a contorting or swelling of the face with weeping, and broken, inarticulate speech

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